Why you need Home Water Softeners

November 16, 2019 by Soft Water by Melissa

Accumulating hard water scale in your home can be very disastrous. It can lead to significant problems, including clogged and leaky pipes, and it destroys hot water heaters and appliances. Serving as a major custom-designer of Las Vegas home water softeners for nearly 40 years has provided us the with the privilege to serve a multitude of clients, from residents to hospitals, casino properties, and car washes who count on having Las Vegas purified water in their homes, businesses and medical facilities.

The benefits of installing a Las Vegas Residential Water softener system and Las Vegas Home purified water are virtually endless. In this article, we can review a few of them and help to explain why you’ll want a system custom-designed to handle our unusually hard water.


Benefits Of Home Water Softeners

  • They preserve your plumbing system and appliances:

As stated earlier, scale buildup can decrease water flow and deal a significant blow to your home’s entire plumbing system over time. This scale is made up of mineral deposits that calcify and become harder over time and lead to pipe bursts and expensive water damage to the home. This scale mostly consists of calcium and magnesium in Las Vegas tap water. The calcification also occurs in the water-bearing appliances such as the hot water heater (tank and tankless systems), which leads not only to damage and clogged water lines but also to higher electricity or gas bills and energy consumption as the units become increasingly less efficient. All these challenges can be avoided with a system custom-designed to handle the extreme hardness levels found in Las Vegas water.

  • Softwater helps with cleaner clothes home water softenersCleaner clothes and dishes:

Las Vegas water softeners like the one made by H2OToGo completely remove the minerals that cause the scale in the home and eliminate all traces on your dishes, sinks and bathroom fixtures. You’ll also have cleaner clothes and save money on products you using far less of them, all while extending the life of everything that uses water in the home.

  • Less cleaning time

The buildup of scale and hard water stains are often extremely tough to remove and may require heavy-duty scrubbing with harsh, toxic cleaning products before coming off. With our top-rated Las Vegas water softeners, conditioners and refiners, you get the best value for your investment and eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals for the removal of the scale.


Your home deserves the best protection with a system that comes with a lifetime warranty, and with H2OToGo you will get the right Las Vegas home water softener system installed from a reputable company you can trust. Please fill out our contact form to reach an expert if you have any questions.

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