Water at Home using Reverse Osmosis

January 16, 2020 by Soft Water by Melissa

With our custom-designed reverse osmosis (RO) filtration systems, you can filter out lead and other harmful chemicals or contaminants that may be hiding in your Las Vegas water, and eliminate the unpleasant taste and odor associated with them. You even have the option of adding healthy minerals or alkalinity back to your water. Save money and time buying bottled water in harmful plastics by installing your own RO from H2O TO GO.

Is the filter pitcher a safe way to get healthy water?

The filter pitcher is equipped with an activated carbon filter cartridge that needs to be changed every four to six weeks. Estimates are that more than a million a year are sold in the US. The National Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Labor believes that most of these carafes “comply with the standards in force on the reduction of odor, flavor, chlorine, lead and copper,” “but may lead to the release of different contaminants such as silver ions, sodium, potassium, and ammonium in water. Some may – and usually do – cause a lowering of the pH of the water, not to mention that they are most often true nests for microbes.

BUT can we eliminate the chlorine in tap water?

Drinking tap water in las vegas

Remember that chlorine is a chemical used to make “drinking” water: it eliminates microbes, bacteria, viruses, but also germs likely to cause diseases such as cholera. According to the Water Information Center, the government wants the “residual free chlorine” content to be limited to 0.1 mg/liter. This chlorine can, however, give an unpleasant taste to water. It is also toxic to bathe in chlorinated water for extended periods because the chlorine is absorbed through the pores of the skin in the hot water, and the steam is inhaled. Both allow the chlorine and its nasty byproducts to enter the bloodstream directly. If you drank the chlorine, at the least the liver would have a chance to filter some of it.

The only effective way to remove this toxic disinfectant safely is to use a whole-house system that uses both carbon AND media that superficially targets it so you don’t bathe in it, and to use a reverse osmosis in the kitchen for drinking water and for cooking.

Your family deserves the best protection with a system that comes with a lifetime warranty, and with Softwater by Melissa you will get the right Las Vegas home water softener system installed from a reputable company you can trust. Please fill out our contact form to reach an expert if you have any questions.

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