WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMWe at H2O TO GO well know the effects of hard water that can be found throughout the house, from the film and scale in the shower and toilets, to the white buildup and spots on faucets, fixtures, mirrors and windows. Cleaning products designed to handle these damaging issues can be costly, toxic and unsafe to use – especially around children.

Your water-bearing appliances get clogged and break down much faster because the unseen damage in the water lines is corrosive and builds up with each passing month. Hot water tanks and tankless system suffer the most from the scale and its cumulative effects. Most water heating systems might last half the time that they should or rarely make it to their warranty expiration date and are replaced far more frequently when not protected with water treatment equipment.

The effects of hard water can even be felt in dull, dingy and rough clothes, towels and sheets. Fabrics fade and wear out much faster than they should. Even worse, they simply don’t get clean in the wash because the detergents can’t foam up in the hard water, so they get trapped in the fibers and won’t rinse out thoroughly. This often causes many skin irritations including itchy, dry skin, pimples and bumps, and even eczema.


WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMMost people who taste or smell the Las Vegas tap water notice right away that it tastes bad, smells of chlorine and other chemicals, and looks cloudy from all of the hard minerals. Ice cubes are white when they should be clear if the water was pure. H2O TO GO’s decades of experience with this challenging water means that we know how to treat the water to give you the best tasting, healthiest results. We are WATER PURIFICATION SPECIALISTS, so our custom-designed systems with alkaline and mineral options protect your family’s health by filtering out arsenic, lead, fluoride, perchlorate, chlorine, disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, micro-organisms and other impurities and eliminate the bad taste and odors most people discover when they try to drink from the tap. And with custom filter options, you get to decide what good minerals are added back in for better taste, or even an alkaline option for added health benefits. The result is pure, great tasting drinking water and crystal clear ice cubes!

Having your own H2O TO GO reverse osmosis (RO) also gives you the added confidence of knowing that your water is TRULY PURIFIED. Bottled water is not regulated, and while some sources offer real natural spring water, many do not, so you often end up drinking tap water from another city that has been purified at an astounding cost to you. With your own RO, you can save on bottled and delivery water costs, as well as costly refrigerator filters and other pitcher-type filters that add up quickly and don’t actually purify the water but instead just slightly reduce sediment and the taste of chlorine- as shown in a free home water test. Owning your own RO will pay for itself for years with the savings! Not only that, but the plastic bottles contain toxins that can leech into the water as the plastic warms and degrades and be dangerous to your health. You will also help the environment by reducing the plastic that is becoming a serious problem for the landfills and oceans around the world.


The additional products used to clean up after hard water are costly, as are the extra soaps, detergents and lotions we use because of the harsh minerals. Detergents don’t dissolve or foam up in hard water, which means using up to 3-4 times the normal amount of cleaning products. This results in wasted money at the grocery store for products we are buying far more often than we would with clean, soft water.

With an H2O TO GO whole house water treatment system, the savings can be huge:

  • You can save 50-100% on detergents and cleaning products
  • Clothes last up to 40% longer
  • Your plumbing and appliances are protected from the corrosive effects of hard minerals, so they can last up to 70% longer
  • You end costly monthly bottled water expenses. The average family spends $25-$50 per month on bottled water, and some as much as $100 or more for alkaline water delivery- that can end up being as much as 10,000 times more expensive than tap water, according to some studies!
  • You save on energy costs related to hot water systems that are corroded and not working efficiently.
  • Your faucets, shower heads and toilets last longer, saving you money on repairs or replacements.
  • Your costs on additional creams, lotions and oil for treating dry hair and skin are reduced because skin and hair are softer and silkier with soft water.


It became apparent after spending several years servicing other water treatment systems designed in other parts of the country or world that most systems are not able to accommodate our unique water purification needs here in Southern Nevada. Our specific water issues require equipment specially designed to treat the water found here in the Las Vegas Valley. H2O TO GO has competitively priced, custom-designed and manufactured equipment that not only will give you cleaner, better water, but also come with some of the best warranties in the industry!

Call today for your free in-home water assessment and a free estimate and see for yourself why we have the best reputation in Vegas!